‘Beyond the Sea’ Add-on Announced
‘Beyond the Sea’ Add-on Announced for Rise of Venice

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Bracknell, UK, 5th November, UK
Stock a crate of your finest Chianti vintage on board your vessel and prepare to set sail once again. ‘Beyond The Sea’, the first major add-on for the acclaimed economy simulator Rise of Venice, is about to take you to distant new lands in which to trade luxurious goods and exert your influence in. From Marseilles to Portugal, the add-on provides players with a whole new challenge by expanding the game world with 13 cities to explore and trade with.

Also included are all new residence missions and challenging new Doge tasks, which will see your family playing a more significant role in your position and plans. ‘Beyond The Sea’ also allows players to command a completely new class of ship - the NAO: the famous ship type in which Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492.

‘Beyond The Sea’ will be available to download for Windows PC from Steam and other digital portals on the 21st of November for £14.99/ €19.99/$19.99.

Features of ‘Beyond The Sea’:
  • 13 new cities from Marseilles to Lisbon expand the game world by 50%
  • Residence missions: family members contact the player with tasks to earn special benefits
  • Doge tasks challenge even the most experienced players. Can you triumph in trade war with Venice's archenemy Genoa and its allies?
  • New ship type: command the famous NAO ship class
  • Numerous improvements and optimizations based on Rise of Venice player feedback

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This sound cool. But will we be alle to select another starting City? What about expeditions?
Where do you want to sent your expedition?
Enjoy the Night

Die letzte Stimme, die man hört, bevor die Welt explodiert, wird die Stimme eines Experten sein, der sagt: „Das ist technisch unmöglich.“
(Peter Ustinov)
i remember a game where one could send expeditions into the mediterranean sea - i could send ships back Smile

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