How does this compare to Patrician?
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As the title says, how does this compare to the Patrician series?

I've played every single version and even though the reviews weren't that great I still spent hours on each one. Is this a similar game?
The game is similar in so far as the trading goes. BUT.... Very different in terms of other game play.
The game is more to do with "Missions" and interaction with the Senate and your competitors.
Rank is the key to advancement - and to increasing wealth, but balanced advancement.
Patrician - you can keep building ships and convoys - in RoV you need a balanced approach too much unused capacity and you soon run out of money.

If you have played P4 RoaD and PR3 - then you will get the trading mechanics and the basics of Sea Battles.

Things you may miss.
There is no detailed or micro management in towns.
The "Steward" in your local Office is more limited in scope.

The "addon" gives the game more depth and more towns.
Is it worth buying - I'd say yes - but perhaps I'm biasedWink
Thanks for the reply!

I'll put it in my "to buy" list Wink
From what I can tell from Steam forum posts and YouTube videos (and please correct me if I'm wrong since I don't own the game for this very same reason), it doesn't have Patrician IV's cooperative multiplayer options. So if you plan to play it with a friend, all you can do is conflict with each other interests or try to ignore each other as much as possible.

So you may want to check that out first if you plan to play together with someone you know.

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