Alt-Tab equals restart
First of all it's really annoying that Alt+Tab don't pause and minimize game - game goes into windowed mode and acts weirdly.
But i can live with that - bigger problem is after getting back to game mouse pointer seems to point incorrect coordinates. Graphical representation of mouse pointer is few dozen pixels south-west from actual cursor position.
i dont know if there is a solution directly to this problem...

but running the game in window mode will provide these problems!
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Alt-TAB is a standard windows command to switch between, or rotate round active applications. And it works if you have other applications running on your machine. If you only have the game running then it has no effect. The command works if you have the setting in the registery to display the desktop has an application.
It is possible to edit this setting.

If you only have the game open then by pressing the TAB key you are displaying the commodities that each city produces. These will flash up while TAB is pressed.

Again if you position the mouse and do not touch it but by using ALT ENTER (to switch between Windowed and Full screen mode) you will notice that the mouse pointer appears to move and points to a slightly different position on the screen.
All you need to do is open device manager (ctrl+shift+esc on windows8), click on Rise of Venice then click RMB on listed application (there's only one) and select "get to the top" or something like that. I had to try twice, but it worked. Didn't check on any other system than win8 though.

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