Venice + Port Royale + Patrician = Make 1 Game?
You have these 3 games, each doing basically the same thing in different parts of the world at different times. Is there any plans or is it possible to create a larger scale game, where you start in Venice or in Northern Europe in late 1400's, as the world opens up? Say letting you fund an expedition to the West or the East Indies?

I love these games, but I think they only touch on what can be done. You have 3 maps that alone, when combined create nearly all of Europe, and a large portion of the Americas. I am reminded of one of my favorite games when I was younger, Uncharted Waters, and it's sequel Uncharted Waters: New Horizons.

I know developers are driven by demand and what Publishers will pay for, but I have to think that after making so many games in this genre, isn't this the next logical step? Shouldn't Kalypso move to innovate, instead of making Patrician in different parts of the world? A world map would open up larger possibilities in multiplayer, allowing people to start anywhere in Europe and then as the age of Piracy starts, they can use their money on faster and stronger ships for Piracy, or spend it on stronger ships to guard against them. Longer trips meaning larger hauls, and more protection needed.

Anyways, just a thought....probably more than a few people have had it on here.

I am not familiar enough with Venice or patricians to say if you are right or wrong, But i have to say, that the idea of it, does sound very appealing..

a game that a single play through can take 100+ hours does sound like a hoot Big Grin
I agree. I've had a design for this in my head for ages. If only I had a team that could turn it from fantasy to reality! Big Grin

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